Professional Background

Qualcomm do Brasil: January, 2013 to Present

Working for Qualcomm I was able to participate in different projects over the Americas (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguai and US). From the old days of UMTS, passing by LTE and VoLTE, and since 2019, mainly focused in 5G NR (SA and NSA), always with different types of scopes. Varying from network performance assessment, benchmark of devices (UEs) and applications, to radio access network optimization, elaboration of massive events baselines, live monitoring/optimization of these massive events, and wrapping up with presenting technical training for different technologies, either in Portuguese, English or Spanish.

In a summarized way:

  • UE data collection and analysis using different tools, such as, QXDM, APEX/QCAT, Actix… over the different radio stack layers (RRC, MAC, PHY…)
  • Direct interaction with 3GPP technical notes.
  • NR/LTE/VoLTE Initial vendor baseline, performance assessment and optimization.
  • NR/LTE/VoLTE Performance and quality assessment of radio access networks.
  • NR/LTE/VoLTE Optimization and troubleshooting of radio access networks.
  • Running and analyzing drive-tests.
  • Preparing and compiling detailed project reports in both technical and executive levels.
  • Direct interaction with different infra-vendors documentation.
  • Creating and Presenting technical trainings and workshops for NR/LTE/VoLTE .

VIVO | Telefonica: April, 2011 to September, 2012

VIVO is the brazilian mobile subsidiary of Telefonica, the 5th mobile operator of the world in number of clients. Here in Brasil, Vivo owns the largest market share over all technologies and the largest 3G/2G coverage.

In a summarized way:

  • Network performance/capacity/quality analysis (KPIs).
  • Treatment/analysis/solution of coverage problemas/issues.
  • Monitoring/operation/configuration of Huawei equipment (BSC, RNC, BTS and NodeB)
  • Punctual RF optimizations, performing and post-analysis of 2G/3G drive-tests.
  • Development of small tools for daily activities improvement (PHP, MYSQL, C/C++ and Google Earth).