About me

DCIM102GOPROG3803089.Hello, I`m Thiago Marcengo, RF Engineer at Qualcomm Brasil.

I`m passionate with my job. 5GNR, LTE, VoLTE and whatever-comes-next, these are the topics I`m always interested in, seeking knowledge, seeking more information, investing my time and energy.

Nokia, Huawei or Ericsson, regardless the vendor, it is extremely interesting to understand the differences and limitations of each implementation, how they can read the same 3GPP spec and do things so differently.

I`m currently starting to learn my fourth language, French, but c’est très difficile. I was born in Brazil, making Portuguese my native language, which made very easy to learn Spanish, and thanks to some time in the US, I`m also fluent in English.

Over the last years I`ve worked over projects in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguai, Peru and United States.


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